OU YouTube Channel is go


Continuing the ‘every educator is a broadcaster’ theme of recent months, I’m pleased to point you at the OU YouTube channel. It has two main parts (with a third ‘Research’ coming on line soon): OU Life which has videos from students and staff; and OU Learn which has clips from OU courses.

It’ll be interesting to see how it develops. There are only a handful of videos up at the moment. Unlike a conventional university we can’t just point a camera at a lecture and get a (quite boring) video. While we have a large archive, the (swear, curse, shout) rights clearance on this stuff is more difficult than it would be in a sane world, so there is something of a bottleneck.

I’m really excited about it though. What I hope is that its very presence is enough to make educators start to think of ‘icasting‘ and producing a range of videos, and even better, getting their students to do the same.

The video above was produced on request from Laura.

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