Broadcast Strategy Review – my screencast

I was involved in the Broadcast Strategy Review at the Open University. We produced a website as the output (not a 100 page report!), most of which is for internal viewing only. I’ve taken my bit though, and uploaded it to I am talking here specifically about how the changes in broadcast affect OU academics, but most of what I say applies across the board. My aim was to emphasise how the changing nature of broadcast is an exciting opportunity for educators. Unfortunately, even at its most excitable pitch my voice has all the enthusiasm of Clement Freud on valium, but as Billy Bragg said ‘in a perfect world we’d all sing in tune/but this is reality so give me some room.’

Here it is (ignore the text at the end, that applies to the OU site):


PS – Blip.TV was much better than YouTube for this. For a start the audio didn’t work in YouTube, and the text from screenshots is just awful.

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