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My book is (finally) out

With definitely more of a whimper than a bang, my book Virtual Learning Environments, was published by Routledge last week. I’d contacted them the week before and asked ‘when is it coming out?’ ‘Next week’ was the response.

Anyway, it was good to receive the advance copies last week, although I made the mistake of reading it and immediately finding a second book of omissions, changes, changes of mind, etc lurking beneath the surface of this one. Perhaps I’ll write a post on things I should have covered in a few months time.


The book is aimed at a range of users – anyone involved in e-learing basically. It will be interesting to see whether it meets the needs of the techies, the educator who is tentatively using their VLE, and the manager choosing their institutional VLE.

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  • James Aczel

    Well done Martin! Whatever might be the motivations (noting your subsequent post), a book is still an achievement, and congratulations are definitely in order. 🙂

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