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Metaphors of Ed Tech – coming June!

My next book, Metaphors of Ed Tech has got a release date – June 2022 from the awesome Athabasca University Press. It’ll be open access again, CC licensed. It can be seen as a sort of companion piece to 25 Years of Ed Tech, but stands alone. It’s a collection of metaphors about ed tech, but also a plea to reframe how we think about technology in education. It is also, I think, erm, fun.

Mainly though it is a vehicle to get Bryan Mathers to draw a Jaws-inspired cover. I love this so much that I have set up a Spreadshirt shop where you can buy mugs and t-shirts with it on (I have these and let me tell you, all my friends are jealous). I’m not planning on retiring on the profits of these – I’ve set the shop as non-profit, it’s just for the sharkie LOLs.

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