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I wish I’d thought of that #243

This is such an obvious, yet brilliant idea (via Beth’s blog). Meredith Farkas had a book coming out (social software in libraries), and rather than have some dull cover foisted upon her by the publishers from their standard stock of photos, she set up a competition in Flickr. The winners got – a free copy of the book! While I’m sure it’s a good book, it’s obvious that the prize wasn’t the motivation for entering, people just really enjoyed the chance to be creative. The pool can be found here. Below are a couple of my favourites:



And all are better than the publisher generated cover of my book:


Lazy graphic designers beware…

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  • Beth Kanter

    I loved the spaceship one too, but it was released with an “all rights reserved” license – so i didn’t blog it — I had to look at the pool and select the ones that were “by” liceneses that I liked best. Nice to discover your blog!

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