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25 Years of Ed Tech book – get those pre-orders in!

25 Years of Ed Tech cover

Next month my book 25 Years of Ed Tech is published by the lovely people at Athabasca University Press. It will be available under a Creative Commons license, with the digital copy free. But, look at that lovely Bryan Mathers cover – wouldn’t you want a physical copy of that in your hands? If so you can pre-order via Athabasca site or via Combined Academic in the UK.

I expect there will be a flurry of self-promotion over the next couple of months. Bear with me. I will reveal the highlight of the book now, which is its dedication, which screams “I have no friends”:

To my two canine writing buddies, Teilo and Bruno, on whose walks most of the ideas in this book were developed, and who listened patiently to my musings on MOOC and metadata.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, here is an excellent review from Gill Ryan, which contains the phrase “A must read”.

Also, extra bonus, here is the back cover that Bryan designed, which we kept the glasses from but didn’t use the text:

back cover of 25 Years of ed tech book

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