Now, that’s security

Chip and Kerching
Originally uploaded by Auntie P

My wife went off in the car yesterday, with my wallet. I needed to get some stuff so she told me to use her card. The good thing about chip n pin is nobody looks at the name, you insert the card yourself. So I was able to spend happily in Toys R Us, BP, Threshers and then I went to Tesco. I needed to get some fireworks which were available from a special stand. To my discomfort they printed the receipt out and asked me to sign, no chip n pin. I tried to forge my wife’s signature and made a poor effort.
‘The signature doesn’t match’, the assistant told me.
‘No,’ I mumbled, rather embarrassed.
Then…. nothing. She just handed the bag over and I left with the goods. There’s no getting past that level of security eh?

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