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Gordon Brown is the Steve McLaren of politics

I don’t ‘do politics’ in this blog usually, but really, the analogy is too good to pass up. Look at the similarities:

  • Both were second in commands
  • Both took over from someone who had been in post for a long time.
  • Both of their predecessors left on a wave of unpopularity
  • Both enjoyed brief periods of (unexpected) success.
  • Both then made a series of strategic errors

I think the foot and mouth outbreak was Gordon’s draw with Macedonia, the election that never was his away defeat to Croatia, and this week’s armed forces attack his away defeat to Russia. If the analogy is to be played out in full, that means by my reckoning he only has a catastrophic home defeat to Croatia left before they start looking for a successor. Wonder what it could be?

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  • AJ Cann

    Major = McLaren = Brown ?
    Got my letter of apology from Darling this morning!
    God forbid the Tories should get their hands on HE though. Remember what happened the last time (for those who have short memories, or dammit, weren’t born at the time, here’s a clue: RAE).

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