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Ed Tech Pitch generator

I have a chapter in my Metaphors book on the “Uber for education” type metaphor – ie taking the latest hot technology and applying to education. The “Netflix for learning” one has been doing the rounds again recently.

I’ll expand on why these are bad metaphors in another post, but for now:

  • Are you a journalist who needs a quick ed tech story?
  • Do you want to create an ed tech venture capitalist pitch to get money and headlines?
  • Are you tired of having to come up with ideas all on your own?

Then behold! The Ed tech pitch generator. Just hit the button and problem solved! Enjoy.


  • Alan H Levine

    You are the metaphor machine!

    FYI the background image is scaled based from the center of the image. Because the unsplash image is portrait mode, the words on the beach fall a bit low. If it were me, I would crop that image to be wider than tall, and where the word is centered.

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