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Bavathursdays, messiness is part of the plan

Close to the Edge

<Image by Viqi French>

Last night I joined Jim Groom for a live session on DS106 Radio. The idea was to chat about 80s b-movies, an interest we have in common and see where it went. It's fair to say it went all over the shop, but was really fun from our end anyway (I'm not sure how much fun it was for the listener). But on the basis that it's through playing and doing fun stuff that you actually learn, we're going to have a go again. Next time we'll try and get others involved and have a focus around a particular theme or film I think.

I created some fake adverts for a VLE/LMS sponsor, ZombieBoard ("Because learning is too serious to have fun"), which are here:


MW80sBrit- zombie1

MW80sBrit- zombie2

MW80sBrit- zombie3

If you want to hear two people struggling with technology, winging it a bit, and then being self-indulgent about John Carpenter films, then you can listen to the whole show here:


Download Bavathursdays-ep1.mp3






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