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    Kindle pricing – an apology

    In my last post I mentioned that the Kindle price for my book was listed as £42 in the UK, and I was bemoaning this. It has since come down to a more reasonable £11.42 (although the US is still showing the higher price). I thought this was a result of some strange pricing policy from my publishers, Bloomsbury Academic, but it turns out the problem was with Amazon. Bloomsbury list their Kindle price as 20% below the paperback standard price. Amazon had mistakenly taken the hardback price and reduced from there, hence the ludicrously high price. So, a fullsome apology to Bloomsbury, who are operating a sensible Kindle pricing…

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    Would you buy a book from this man?

    My book, The Digital Scholar, has finally come out. When I was looking round for a publisher year ago, it was an absolute requirement that they do open access (at least one chapter of the book is a rant against academic publishing models). Bloomsbury Academic offered this and are also a reputable publisher and handled the process very well. In a rare demonstration of putting my money where my mouth is, going for an open access publisher means the royalty is much reduced from previous publishers, so it's not a path to riches, but I accepted long ago that writing academic books was somewhere on a par with flying kites…