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    An eduglu learning scenario

    I was part of an ad hoc Flashmeeting recently with David Wiley‘s team, plus some of the edugluers (Jim, Brian, D’Arcy and Scott), along with the OU social:learners (Tony, Simon, Patrick and Stuart). We batted some ideas around about the idea of eduglu, loosely coupled apps, open courses, etc. There was lots of common ground, but we don’t want to tie it up in consortium or anything – so we’re going to work in the open, in a loosely coupled manner. And of course, anyone else is free to join. We agreed to come up with some stories, or scenarios, as to what it might be like for a learner…

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    Social:Learn kickabout

    Tony has posted about a potential get together to thrash out some issues around the Social:Learn project. To recap, it’s an attempt by the OU to build an open system that helps facilitate social networking for learning. Along the way it may be a VLE killer too, but don’t tell anyone. Tony puts it like this: "Work on the API has already begun – an external development team are scoping it out at the moment over in the US – and the design theme for the site we’re gonna get someone else to build around those APIs are already being put together by an external design agency… …but we all…

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    The Social:Learn project

    I’ve been working on a project at the Open University for a while now, which has the working title ‘Social:Learn’. It is born of the recognition that the OU (and higher education in general) needs to find ways of embracing the whole web 2.0, social networking world, and that the only way to understand this stuff is to do it. We’ve had some consultants working with us to develop the overall concept, including Stowe Boyd, Stuart Sim, Stephen Heppell and Euan Semple. There will be an official big splash announcement in July I think, but this is me doing some leaking. The project has gone through the initial conceptualisation phase…