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Now in it’s 7th year, my annual book post with bonus pointless charts and lists.

One might expect that given that EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD WAS CLOSED, I would have read more books this year than last year. But I managed 59 this year against 2019’s high water of 93. Partly this was the impact of not commuting – a 6 hour round trip to Milton Keynes weekly certainly chunks through a number of audiobooks. But also habits changed and I didn’t devote as much time to books as previously. But more than one a week is acceptable.

In terms of genre, I pretty much completed my transition to being leisure reader, with crime dominating:

As I mentioned in the film post, this may be a function of the 2020 emotional hangover, but also a function of getting older and just not worrying so much anymore.

By author gender, women were in the majority:

And audiobooks were my main format. I’ve defended this before, so don’t @ me:

Here are 5 newish fiction books I enjoyed this year:

  • Sweetpea – CJ Skuse
  • Stay with me – Ayobami Adebayo
  • Remarkable Creatures – Tracy Chevalier
  • The Fishermen – Chigozie Obioma
  • Savage Season – Joe Lansdale

And here’s 7 non-fiction ones which I will drop into conversation as if I’m now an expert on the subject:

  • Emperors of the Deep – William McKeever
  • indian Summer – Alex von Tunzelmann
  • Misbehaving – Richard Thaler
  • Other Minds: The Octopus and The Evolution of Intelligent Life – Peter Godfrey-Smith
  • Mudlarking – Lara Maiklem
  • Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker
  • Underland – Robert Macfarlane

Here is the full list if you want to judge me:

  • Sweetpea – CJ Skuse
  • Original sin – PD James
  • Murder at the vicarage – Agatha Christie
  • Wilding – Isaballe Tree
  • Well of the Winds – Denzil Meyrick
  • With Our Blessing – Jo spain
  • Rome: A History in 7 sackings Matthew Kneale
  • Grimm Tales – Philip Pullman
  • Underland – Robert Macfarlane
  • Little bones – Sam Blake
  • Dirty little secrets – Jo Spain
  • Shroud for a nightingale – PD James
  • indian summer – Alex von Tunzelmann
  • The outcast dead – Elly Griffiths
  • The lighthouse – PD J ames
  • a mind to murder – PD Jjames
  • The dutch house – Ann Patchett
  • From doon with death – Ruth Rendell
  • At the edge of the orchard – Tracy Chevalier
  • The dark angel – Elly Griffiths
  • Misbehaving – Richard Thaler
  • Greetings from bury park – Sarfraz Manzoor
  • The turn of the screw – Henry James
  • Ttay with me – Ayobami Adebayo
  • Death at la fenice – Donna Leon
  • Remarkable creatures – Tracy Chevalier
  • The order of time – Carlo Rovelli
  • The outcasts of time – Ian Mortimer
  • Beneath the surface – Jo Spain
  • Mudlarking – lara Maiklem
  • My Life In Horror Volume One: Paperback edition – Kit Power
  • Savage season – Joe Lansdale
  • Mucho mojo – Joe Lansdale
  • The two bear mambo – Joe Lansdale
  • Antidote to venom – Freeman Wills Croft
  • The stone circle – Elly Griffiths
  • Emperors of the deep – William McKeever
  • Leviathan wakes – James Corey
  • Into the blue – Robert Goddard
  • The Zombies are Coming – Kelly Baker
  • The Tales of Max Carrados – Ernest Bramah
  • Other Minds: The Octopus and The Evolution of Intelligent Life – Peter Godfrey-Smith
  • The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World – Peter Wohlleben
  • The Glorious Life of the Oak – John Lewis-Stempel,
  • The Hog’s Back Mystery – Freeman Wills Croft
  • The Fishermen – Chigozie Obioma
  • The Boy Who Fell – Jo Spain
  • Big Sky Kate Atkinson
  • The Lost World – Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Why we sleep – Matthew Walker
  • Garden of the evening mists – Tan Twan Eng
  • The Sisters – Dervla McTiernan
  • The Black Tower – PD James
  • No Mans Nightingale – Ruth Rendell
  • Frogkisser! – Garth Nix
  • The Franchise Affair – Josephine Tey
  • A Room full of Bones – Elly griffiths
  • Wanderlust – Rebecca Solnit
  • The Skull Beneath the Skin – PD James

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