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    Is ed tech an obsolete term?

    Old School Bus by Kahunapulej http://flickr.com/photos/kahunapulej/324000439/ As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Institute of Educational Technology where I work has recently been reviewed. I’m reasonably phlegmatic about the review, but one sentence in the review document rather raised my shackles, and it was: "educational technology is now an almost obsolete term" I didn’t know where the authors had got this view from. Admittedly, being a Professor of Educational Technology, and having a blog called The Ed Techie, I am not unbiased in this, and the thought of being ‘Professor of Obsolete Stuff’ was rather unsettling. My view was the  opposite, rather that it was a term that had…

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    Making Connections 2.0

    Pete Lambert – http://flickr.com/photos/peterjlambert/97671748/ It was the annual Open University internal conference this week, which had the title this year of ‘Making Connections’. There were some good presentations, but one of the key issues that arose was not what the presenters were saying, but what the audience were doing. My colleague Doug Clow was live-blogging the sessions he was in (e.g. see his account of my Learning Design session). He was told by three different people in separate sessions to stop as his typing was offputting. Doug gives his account here, and Niall backs him up here. The audience of this blog may find this surprising, since the idea of…