Ed Tech posters – come get ’em

I'll do a slidecast of my broadcast talk in a few days, but thought I'd share a couple of the images I adapted from Flickr photos. They'll soon be adorning student bedroom walls everywhere.


(Original image Kent Wang – We must liberate Taiwan: http://flickr.com/photos/kentwang/34405544/sizes/o/)

And this one inspired by Brian Kelly's talk where he suggested we all have an inner geek, called Ellis:


(Original image Mattham – Yoda Dog Costume: http://flickr.com/photos/matthamm/285952194/)

And from my content video, James Boyle's  Internet Holy Trinity:

First amend 

(Original image Zen – Fog birds telephone wire close: http://flickr.com/photos/zen/1209773/

Quote is John Perry Barlow)

(original image Guille – Freedom http://flickr.com/photos/cguille/2556176764/

Quote is Stewart Brand)


(Quote is John Gilmore)


  1. You probably know that I am a fan of liberating the archive, and it is current my desktop background. So, I can see you won;t be restricted to simply getting creative in video, you choose to master all forms of the medium, heh? You are becoming a very dangerous jedi!

  2. The censorship/routing poster graphically shows something I was trying to explain using “old technologies” (voice and dry wipe pens) – I’ll be using that. Thanx Martin

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