My edublog 2008 nominations

With all the usual provisos about awards not mattering, the Edublog 2008 nominations are open, so I thought I'd spread a little love. Here are my nominations (it's okay not do every category isn't it Josie? I don't have a best use of virtual world).

Best Individual Blog – I'm going to nominate John Connell here. John manages to combine quality and quantity. Almost every post sets me off thinking. I have at least ten unwritten posts which are responses to things John has posted about. I particularly liked his grandfather's social network post.

Best group blog – Pontydysgu – they're Welsh, they like edupunk, they do a crazy internet radio show and have challenging posts. What more do you want?

Most influential blog post – I'm going to go with Jim Groom kicking off the Edupunk thing. This was easily the most edublog fun this year, and took off so quickly that within a week people were declaring it old hat. Keep up the good work my wonky spectacled friend!

Best librarian blog – falling into the obvious trap, but if all librarians were like Lorcan Dempsey we'd pay them more than bankers.

Best ed tech support blog – I'm not sure if it counts as ed tech support, but perhaps rather obviously I'm opting for Brian Kelly's blog. Brian manages to push at the comfort boundaries of IT services, but does so with intelligence and insight into the practical issues.

Best educational use of audio – again, not sure it fits in this category, but I'll nominate the Talis Podcast series (and not just because I'm one of them). Always worth a listen.

Oh, and I think they should add in a new category: Lifetime achievement award. If there was such a thing, the obvious nominee would be Downes, but I'd opt for Scott Leslie. Back in 1782 I remember looking at Ye Olde Blogs for the first time and Scott's was one of the first ones I came across and found relevant. And he's still at it, and still writing great stuff, witness only the other day his post on planning to share.

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