VLE vs PLE fight club

Lego fight
<Image Pirate Test by Danksy http://www.flickr.com/photos/petedanks/2770208173/>

I did a debate with Niall Sclater for the upcoming OU course Technology enhanced learning around PLEs and VLEs, 'refereed' by John Pettit. We pitched it as me being the PLE guy and Niall the VLE man, for the sake of discussion, but we're probably closer in agreement than this would suggest.

You can listen to the audio here (including jazzy intro and fade-out music). [Update, jazzy music is courtesy of http://www.oliverledbury.co.uk/]

For a one take shot, I think it comes out reasonably well, although I am the least coherent of the three.


  1. Brilliant assessment! Great format of presentation – scribbling notes down as I’m listening. Interestingly enough, my daughter is studying with OU and I looked at her notes given out on using the OU wiki, and was also pleased that part of her assessments required her to collaborate on a wiki. Good stuff. By the way – where are you both placed? Somewhere in between? Or with a VLE?

  2. Thanks Kerry – we have a VLE, but on the masters courses I like to try and push a few more experimental technologies. I think Niall and I are representing our viewpoints fairly faithfully, but what we don’t really address is that we are both aware and sympathetic with the other view also.

  3. Continuing the debate a new term that is begining to take meaning is Cloud Learning Environment – examples include Google Apps for Educational Institutions. This is paperless, boundary or borderless and also the control of the learning environment is with the learners and academics.
    I have detailed my recent experiences and that of my students with Google Apps / Cloud Learning Environment here:

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