Running review

Because absolutely no-one requested it, here is my annual running-review-with-tenuous-link-to-learning post.

The year started badly as I'd had a month lay-off with hip bursitis. I lost some of my running mojo this year, and for long periods struggled to get out the door. I also tried mixing in other forms of exercise, including spin classes, but I always default back to running. I'm a one sport kinda guy I guess. Overall this year I have done about 830 miles, so over 100 down on last year. But on the plus side I got a personal best in a 10K (48.22) and in the half-marathon (1hr 49). The last one probably doesn't count as the organisers of the Cardiff Half messed up and the route was 193 metres short. But we'll take it, who knows I would have sped up a bit more had I known.

As the year ends I have lost some fitness, and am struggling to get motivated again, but I have signed up for my first marathon – the Great Welsh Marathon in Llanelli on 10th April, so I'll need to get going.

So what lessons from this year's running? Peaks and troughs are fine. Don't be too hard on yourself, if you need to take a break then take it. And formal structure is good, it was having the races that motivated me and I then followed a training plan quite strictly, but I can only do this for a limited period. And some variety, but not too much, is a good thing. 


  • Joel Greenberg

    Guess I am the only reader of your Blog who runs as well. Just back from a hard/hilly 60 minute run. Training plan is essential if you are doing a marathon. My advice is find the maximum weekly mileage your body can take and don’t exceed it. Mine (when I was your age) was 65 miles and only a few miles more guaranteed injury.
    Howzat and Merry Christmas!

  • Martin

    I think we can safely assume I won’t be doing 65 miles a week. My hip, let alone my legs, wouldn’t take it. I’ve got a decent schedule from the MyAsics site, which I intend to follow. I’m not too worried about time, just getting round as it’s my first (and last?) one.

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