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The future of content – the eduVJ mix

Tony has posted a follow up to his original vid, so in the spirit of friendly competition, I’d best follow suit. I have taken my Future of Content post and done an eduVJ (as Patrick dubbed it) mix. I’m not sure it works as well as the first one, mainly because this is trying to make more of an academic point, so maybe the fit to the song isn’t as neat.

I’m enjoying doing these though, and this one taught me some more about using Camtesia (such as save your file because it might crash out half way through). The last one was a Camtesia recording of Powerpoint, this one was all done in Camtesia. I hope you’ll forgive this experimenting in public approach, it’s a good way of learning.

Anyway, here it is, I’ll do a YouTube annotated version later too, but this is the Blip.TV one:

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