Everything is Miscellaneous workshop

I did a session at the OU yesterday on Weinberger’s Everything is Miscellaneous. Below is the slidecast. The audio is a bit quiet, I know I should redo it, but time presses on, so apologies if you have to turn it up loud.


  1. Sue Waters says:

    Sorry I had to check it out on your site. In your feed the Slidecast is at the top of the feed and then you wrote below is the Slidecast. So had to check out to see whether you and the feed was correct. :)

  2. Martin says:

    Sue – yes it does the same for me, not sure why – another example for your subscribe to your own blog advice!

  3. You can see Weinberger’s own summary at:
    and download it. I am hoping to use it on D821 (new OU course). Though it is a bit long.

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