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iPad connectivity issues (told through the medium of a pirate comic)

I have just been away for a few weeks in France on holiday (many thanks to Phil for trying out guestblogging for me in my absence, I’m afraid it’s back to the usual bobbins now).

Just before I left, I got an iPad. This struck me as the perfect travelling gadget for all the family, so I duly loaded it with apps, music, books and some films. You can see how smug and happy I was:


I have to say, I do love using it and my daughter seemed to claim it as her own. But while I was away I discovered a real issue around its ability to pick up and hold a wifi connection, particularly when the signal is weak. It seems this is a known issue, and a fix is on the way. I hope so, because it renders the main function of the iPad – to be a handy mobile computing device – pretty obsolete. My iPhone and Netbook held the signals much better, so it wasn’t an issue with the signal itself.

In the meantime, here is a tale of my experience, told through the medium of a pirate comic, developed at Kerpoof, because serious issues deserve serious chronicling: 



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