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    A system of exclusion

    This isn’t another HE Green Paper analysis piece (see WonkHE or David Kernohan for some excellent ones), but that has been the tipping point to write this post which has bugged me for a while. Politicians and commentators often talk about wanting to expand higher education. This is sometimes couched in terms of social mobility (although Vik Loveday makes a good case that mobility implies ‘escaping’ working class and should be avoided as a term), sometimes because education is seen as a social benefit, and sometimes in terms of neo-liberal productive economy. But generally, people think it’s a good idea to try and get more people, and particularly more people…

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    Battle for open – latest skirmishes

    (you should read this post in 1940s BBC voice) I did a post a while back on some of the frontline reporting from the battle for open (I am being slightly tongue in cheek with this militaristic language), so thought I’d give another quick account. First, some good news. The US Dept of Education continues to engage with OER, and announced “the launch of its #GoOpen campaign to encourage states, school districts and educators to use Open Educational Resources (OER).” This is great news for several reasons – it reduces costs, allows diversity of resources, and if the ‘open virus’ theory has any weight (okay, it’s just me who proposes…