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    Documentally is waki

    The other day social media journalist documentally was invited by Reuters to attend Gordon Brown's press conference. Being a streaming video kinda guy (to put it mildly), he streamed live via Qik: Adblock This went around on Twitter, and I tuned in. It occurred to me that I wouldn't have bothered to watch it live on TV, so why did I watch this time? Partly it was out of curiosity, this being one of the the first times social media type journalists have been in on a big, proper news event (ie a non-techie one). So I wanted to see what it was like. But there was also an element…

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    A Twitter love song

    When I did my talk on Twitter a few weeks back I said it was a love song to Twitter. Last weekend I had some spare time to myself, so what did I do: did I sort out the back garden? Did I finish reading The Alexandria Quartet? Did I go to the gym? No, of course not, I wondered what a Twitter love song would be like, so I spent the time messing about with Camtasia to produce one. And here it is: Adblock Also available in not so good quality on YouTube

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    New ways of being open

    I've done a guest post for Ken Udas over at Penn State. It's called Exploring new ways of being open, and sets out some of the evolution of the term 'open' in education, from the Open University's perspective. But more importantly, it contains a Billy Bragg quote, so go take a look.

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    Ed Tech posters – come get ’em

    I'll do a slidecast of my broadcast talk in a few days, but thought I'd share a couple of the images I adapted from Flickr photos. They'll soon be adorning student bedroom walls everywhere. (Original image Kent Wang – We must liberate Taiwan: http://flickr.com/photos/kentwang/34405544/sizes/o/) And this one inspired by Brian Kelly's talk where he suggested we all have an inner geek, called Ellis:   (Original image Mattham – Yoda Dog Costume: http://flickr.com/photos/matthamm/285952194/) And from my content video, James Boyle's  Internet Holy Trinity:   (Original image Zen – Fog birds telephone wire close: http://flickr.com/photos/zen/1209773/ Quote is John Perry Barlow) (original image Guille – Freedom http://flickr.com/photos/cguille/2556176764/ Quote is Stewart Brand) (Quote is…

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    Your search is valuable to us

    Tony was giving a talk yesterday as part of a workshop with me and Grainne, to the OU Library and he said something I hadn't really appreciated before – namely that because Google refines its search results based on your history (if you are signed in to Google), the results, say, that Tony gets will be different from the ones you or I get. I know it came out in 2005, I told you I was slow on the uptake. This made me think that your search history is actually valuable, because the results you get back are a product of the hours you have invested in previous searches and…

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    Bush, digital scholarship and the price of reputation

    Our Vice Chancellor gave a talk on Digital Scholarship the other day, a topic that is often on my mind (read: trying to legitimise all this messing around I do). Scholarship, or rather ‘having your scholarship recognised’ which is what people really mean, is all about reputation. In the pre-digital world this reputation could roughly be pegged to other filters. Publication in journals, books, keynote appearances, research grants: all of these require other professionals to have filtered your contribution, so your reputation could easily be established by the quantity, and quality of these measures. Of course, it meant people learnt to game the system – how to get publications out,…